Client Recommendations

My teachers’ say: “The healing is instantaneous; the understanding comes later.” It is your journey. I can help clear the way, but you must walk the path. To make the most of your session, please consider the following recommendations. This will assist you to integrate the shifts that occur during your session.

Create a Mandala (Sandpainting)

Ideally, they are made outside on the earth, but if that is not possible, use your imagination and find a space inside your home or on your deck.  (underlining of a flowerpot filled with soil or sand works well). You can use objects found in nature or bring items to the mandala that have special meaning regarding what you are working on. It is good to have some burnable items. Make a circle (spirit catcher) large enough to put objects in. Stones or twigs or leaves work well for this but follow your own intuition. You will be placing objects into this circle that represent the issues you are working on. You will sense when it is done working for you but not longer than three full days (sun/moon cycles). When it is time to dissemble it, take out the burnable items for your fire ceremony and return the rest to nature. Bring the burnable items to the fire.


  1. Create circle with natural objects, i.e. twigs
  2. Choose objects found in nature or that have special meaning to represent the issue or manifesting focus
  3. Using your breath, blow focus/intention into the object/s
  4. Visit mandala daily, connecting with it through meditation, nurture it with thes prinkling of essential oil, water, thoughts and energy
  5. When complete, bundle burnable items and bring to fire ceremony

Fire Ceremony

When we place items in the fire during ceremony, we release it to Spirit/Universe. The New Moon and the Full Moon are special times for ceremony, but do not limit yourself to these special moon events. If you feel a fire ceremony is what you need, make one. The sincerity of your prayers and intention is what will make it powerful. Blow into the twig or stick that the focus of which you want to release or that you are manifesting; then burn it. If you have items from a mandala, offer the mat this time.

Salt Baths

Salt baths help to release heavy energy from the luminous body. Use one cup of Epson salt or one cup of sea salt (best without added iodine) plus one cup of baking soda in a hot bath.  Soak for a least 20 minutes. Use this time to meditate. Then rinse with fresh water. This is best done just before bed. No alcohol should be consumed during this time. Repeat daily or every/other day for the week following your session or continue the baths as a self-nurturing routine beyond a week if you feel it would be helpful.

Journal Writing

Use the narrative form, poetry, prose, pictures or symbols. Some people find it useful to start their day with ten minutes of stream-of-consciousness writing. Do not sensor your writing and do not stop even if you repeat the same thing over and over. Include your dreams in your journal.  Allow dream memory to bubble up.


It is wise to have a meditation practice. There are many forms… Find one that works well for you.

Sacred Space

Opening sacred space thins the veil between the worlds and brings you closer to Spirit.  It can be done simply or more elaborately, but our reverence and sincerity is what makes it happen. It can be done full throttle with rattle, spirit water and voice, turning to face each of the directions, etc. or silently wherever you happen to be. It depends on what is appropriate.  Here are the payers we use. These words are simply a guide, a starting place.  Feel free to use the language that works with your personal spiritual practice; however, a word of caution, be mindful of what energies you call in.