energy cleansing

La Limpia

La Limpia is the Peruvian Andeans' ancient traditional energy cleansing and rejuvenation ritual that Shamans use to maintain physical, psychological and spiritual well-being

The goal of La Limpia is to balance and clear the egg-shaped energy field (illuminating body) surrounding us as well as the physical body that is affected by negative energies.

Cost: $200 per session/$500 for package of 3 sessions. Process takes approximately 1.5 hours.
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Welcomes the client and allows time for energetic scanning.

Diagnostic and Divination
The Shaman learns about the client's source of illness or misfortune and decides what process to use through reading the flame of a white candle that was rubbed against the client's body.

Discuss the issues raised by the reading and learn the client’s life and cultural belief system.

Energy Removal and Extraction
Open Sacred Space and fill space with sacred Reiki symbols.  Use Trago (sugar cane rum), greenleaf branches or dry leaf broom, plants/herbs, sage and palo santo smoke and essential oils to clear LEF and physical body.

Replace old and stale negative energy with new positive light energies, by blowing Aqua de Florida (flower water cologne) using red and white carnationsor roses and flowery aromatic oils.

Seal the physical body with volcanic healing stones and shamanic tools.

Harmonizing Vibrations
Harmonize and fill energy centers with Reiki (love and light), using a bell and other musical instruments over the body.

Calling back Spirit 
Use Hyoshi chimes melodies and tuning forks on energy centers (Chakras). A healing hug, heart to heart.

Candle Blowing and Final Consultation
Release stored bad energy in the wax to the universe by blowing out the flame through an open window with a personal prayer. Discuss client’s experiences and visions. Give prescription of different rituals, ceremonies and special diets to be done after the ceremony and at home.